Shipping & Returns

Making an order:

It is necessary to go through the following steps to form your order and confirm it:

- Choose the product you want to buy and add it to the cart
- State your shipping address
- State your payment method
- Confirm

Completing these steps will confirm your order.


All goods from от are delivered by courier (Econt Express or Euroroad) to the address given in the order or to the nearest office of the courier, whichever the customer chooses during the checkout process. Delivery period vary depending on the shipping address and the peculiarity of the order. Delivery period is 1 day for the territory of Sofia and up to 3 days for the territory of other cities after the confirmation of the order.
Delivery of goods to a given address is on customer`s behalf. The payment method of the delivery is C.O.D. (cash on delivery).

All goods, chosen to be delivered to the nearest office of the courier on the teritory of Bulgaria are shipped free of charge.

Return policy:

The customer has the rights to send back their purchase for a full refund of the product price without stating a reason for that. Return is possible only under the following conditions:

-         a request for returning the purchase can be made in a written form and sent to the address given by or in a verbal way by calling a representative within a period not longer than 7 days.

-        the purchase should be in its original, unused condition, with the original documents given by (invoice, cash voucher, etc.) keep their rights not to send back the full refund for the purchase in case any of the above conditions is violated. will send back the full refund for the purchase in a period not longer than 30 days.